Schools in Norðurþing

When starting school in Norðurþing the staff will welcome you and give you all the necessary information. Your family will get a contact person that you can always turn to.  

To register a child at school please contact the school closest to you, see contact information below and the registration forms for the preschools. 

There are school canteens in all the schools, and they offer hot meals every day for a small price and breakfast for free.  

The school year starts in the autumn around 22nd of August and ends around 6th of June. 

The Preschools welcome children from 1-6 years old.  

The Elementary School Departments welcome children from 6-16 years old 

 Here you can find information for education in Iceland.

Kópasker and Lundur

There are two preschool departments, one located in Kópasker with 5 children  and the other one in Lundur with 10 children 

In Lundur there is also an elementary school departmentÖxarfjörður School (Öxarfjarðarskólithat operates in the area from Kelduhverfi to Melrakkaslétta in the east. The winter 2019-2020 there were 31 children in the school. There is a school bus for the area.  

There are school canteens in all the schools, and they offer breakfast and hot meals every day.  


Öxafjarðarskóli Krílakot

To apply for preschool in Öxarfjörður/Kópasker



An Elementary School Department is situated in Raufarhöfn. In the school year 2019-2020 there were 5 children in the school and this school year there was no preschoolThere is a school canteen in the school, and they offer hot meals every day. There is a school bus for the area. 

Address:   V/Skólabraut, 675 Raufarhöfn 

To apply for preschool in Raufarhöfn


Borgarhólsskóli is an elementary school serving children from 6 to 16 years old. In the school year 2018-2019 the number of students was 284. 

Address:  Skólagarði 1640 Húsavík 

Grænuvellir Kindergarten offers services for children from 1 to years oldIn the beginning of the year 2020 there were 140 children in the kindergarten 

Here is a link for information the staff has gathered for new parents.

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Address: GrænuvellirIðavellir 1, 640 Húsavík 

Húsavík - After school program

An after-school program called Frístund is offered to children from the 1st to the 4th grade. Mondays- Fridays from when school ends until 16:00. It is situated in a house next to Borgarhólsskóli and the sports hall, called Tún They offer diverse recreational activities for children. For information about prices and registstration please contact tel: 663-5290 or email: 

When starting at Tún the staff will give you all the neccicary information.  

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Summer Program for children Húsavík – Sumarfrístund 

Every summer Norðurþing Municipality offers in a program for children in classes 1-4 at school. They offer diverse recreational activities for children such as sport, playing together and field tripsThis is a few hours program per day.   

Information about the summer program is to be found on the webpage of Norðurþing.

For information about pricestimetablesactivitiesand registration please contact 


Húsavík music school - Tónlistarskóli Húsavíkur

Tónlistarskóli Húsavíkur services NorðurþingIt is open to all residents of the municipality seeking music education, both children and adults. It offers lessons on many instruments and singingThey work closely together with the elementary schools and kindergartens in the municipality. For information about prices and registration please contact the school

Tel : 464 7290 

Comprehensive Secondary School - Framhaldsskóli

Framhaldsskólinn á Húsavík (FSH) is a Comprehensive Secondary School offering education to students from 16-20+ years old. The school offers also long-distance learning and is open for everyone.  

FSA is operated by the Icelandic State Department of Education.  

Húsavík academic center - Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga

Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga or Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) is a lifelong learning center, university center and interdisciplinary research. HAC provides study facilities for students who live in the region and attend universities or other schools. HAC offers academic, vocational and recreational courses and study programs to people in the region, e.g. Icelandic courses. Please call 464 5100 or check the website for interesting courses:   

HAC offer Icelandic classes, with classes from levels 1A and 1b through to 4A and 4B.  Classes are 20 hours, usually 5 weeks x 4 hours per week in the evenings.  If you are in a union, you will receive a refund of up to 75-90%. Sign up at or 

The facilities of HAC for all students in the area in Húsavík, Þórshöfn and Mývatnssveit include a study room, full internet access, printing, copying and wire binding as well as a class/conference room equipped with video conferencing, a projector and other classroom equipment.   

Please come by if you are in need of any assistance related to studying, if you have an idea of something you would like to learn or if you would like to learn Icelandic. 


Educational and career counselling

Hi, my name is Guðrún Helga and I am an educational- and career counselor. We offer counselling for individuals with little formal education free of charge. The main services that I offer: 

  • Find ways to empower, encourage and strengthen individuals
  • Information about studies and jobs
  • Provide advice on actual assessment skills
  • Support individuals in the process of actual assessment skills
  • Assist with preparation of CVs and skills folder
  • Dealing with barriers to learning and/or work
  • Assist and prepare individuals who want to change their careers
  • Finding where the talent is best spent, e.g. with interest field survey

Hac provides validation of non-formal and informal learning or Real Skills Assessment (RSA). RSA is a process in which knowledge and skills are assessed, such as work experience, study or social work experience. It is based on the idea that learning does not only take place inside the formal school system but in all kinds of situations and in all kinds of contexts. All learning is seen as valuable and should therefore be documented, irrespective of where it was acquired. With validation of non-formal and informal learning, opportunities for adults on the labour market to achieve education and training to further increase their competences are enhanced. The biggest gain for the individual is to get new possibilities to strengthen his/her education and work status. Don’t hesitate to send me an email and I will do my best to assist you.  

University - Háskóli

Háskólinn á AkureyriThe University of Akureyri 

The university offers the possibility of long-distance learning and subjects in business and science, health sciencesHumanities and Social Sciences.  

Other universities offer some subjects with the possibility of long-distance learning. 

University of Iceland 

University of Reykjavík

Bifröst University 

Hólar University 

The Agricultural University of Iceland