Facilities and services

The academic center offers all distance students, including university students, extensive services and study facilities. The institute operates staffed study centers in Húsavík, Þórshöfn and in Mývatnssveit, where students can have 24-hour access to work facilities that are fully equipped with office equipment and furniture. In addition, study facilities with access by agreement in Kópasker, Raufarhöfn and Laugar in Reykjadalur.    

In all these places, students are offered facilities for distance examination,with the consent of the schools that apply in each case. 

The academic center encourages all residents of Þingeyarsýsla to take advantage of the service and receive facilities, counseling or study services of some kind. 

All services and facilities of the academic center for distance students in Þingeyjarsýsla are free of charge for students (i.e. included in the registration fee for the school in question). 


Academic Center Service Centers / Study Centers:


Headquarters are at the Húsavík Academic Center, Hafnarstétt 3. University study center with 24-hour access, góð nettenging og fjarfundaaðstaðaclassrooms, reading space, work facilities for 8-10 (in addition to employees of other institutions). Please contact: Guðrún Ósk Brynjarsdóttir: tel: 464- 5100, gudrun@hac.is 


Office in Education Center in Þórshöfn. Classroom with 24-hour access, góð nettenging og fjarfundaaðstaðaclassroom, work facilities for 3-5. Please contact: Heiðrún Óladóttir: tel: 464-5142, heidrun@hac.is 


Office in Mikley. Classroom with 24-hour access, work facilities for 4 as well as examination facilities, góð nettenging og fjarfundaaðstaða. Please contact: Arnþrúður Dagsdóttir: tel: 464-5130, ditta@hac.is 


Studycenterexamination and teleconferencingfacilities in Primary School in Raufarhöfn. Please contactHeiðrún Óladóttir: tel: 464-5142, heidrun@hac.is 


Study center, examination and teleconferencing facilities in the school building at Kópasker. Please contactHeiðrún Óladóttir: tel: 464-5142, heidrun@hac.is 

Laugar in Reykjadal:

Study center, examination and teleconferencing facilities in Seigla. Please contact: Guðrún Ósk Brynjarsdóttir: tel: 464- 5100, gudrun@hac.is