Our mission

The mission of HAC, as described in its organizational charter, is fourfold;

Lifelong learning

  • being a center for lifelong learning and adult education in the region.
  • expanding educational offerings in the region.
  • offering vocational and recreational courses and study programmes
  • being a center for distance learning in co-operation with schools offering such programmes.
  • providing guidance and counceling to students and prospective students
  • working with businesses, municipalities and institutions in shaping their educational policy and providing customized study programmes.

Research and development

  • being a hub for research and researchers in Þingeyjarsýslur county.
  • initiating research in the region.
  • providing service to the scientific community; independent researchers, postgraduate students, institutions and organizations.
  • being instrumental in facilitating co-operation and increased activity among those who do research in the region.
  • taking active part in shaping a dynamic environment of innovation among parties of interest in the region.
  • facilitating collaboration in research and innovation among parties of interest.

Univestity study

  • operating a well equipped study facility in Húsavík and, as needed, elsewhere in the region.
  • working with universities to increase the offering in distance learning and local study opportunities in þingeyjarsýslur.
  • working with universities to develope study programmes and courses based on natural and cultural traits unique to the region.

Coordination of academic studies and research

  • strengthening the community in Þingeyjarsýslur by offering dynamic lifelong learning programmes, distance learning programmes and active research.
  • coordinating research, academic work, education and development amont the parties of interest in this field.