Driving and safety

Using seatbelts is mandatory in Iceland, and using the phone while driving is prohibited except with hands-free equipment. Driving above the speed limit and under the influence of alcohol and drugs are considered serious offences and are punished by high fines, suspension of driving licenses and imprisonment in the case of repeated offences. Safety rules relating to child seats and children in cars may be found on the website of the Centre for Children’s Accident Protection: msb.is.  Winter tyres are recommended in wintertime, but not mandatory if you have ‘all year’ tyres. 


When traveling in Iceland you need to check the weather and road conditions, especially in the winter. On the webpage safetravel.is you can find alerts and learn about good preparation  for traveling in Iceland. There you can also submit your travel plan for safety.  


The weather in Iceland changes very fast and it is important to check the weather forecast before you start your journey. In the website of the Icelandic Met Office you can see the weather forecast, information about earthquakes and the aurora forecast.  

You can also call themtel902 0600  

Road conditions

You can check the Icelandic road administration’s website road.is (vegagerdin.is)  for information on the road system, road conditions as well as webcams and a road viewer or check safetravel.is 

For information about road conditions you can also telephone them, tel1777  

We recommend that you make it a habit to check the road condition before you travel in the winter.  

Motor vehicle checks (bifreiðaskoðun)

It is mandatory to take all motor vehicles for regular checks with inspection bodies. 

The sticker on your number plate indicates what year the next checks are due, and the last figure of the registration number indicates the month in which checks should be carried out. If the last figure is 0, the car should be inspected in October. 

Frumherji offers service in Húsavík, Kópasker and Þórshöfn 

Haukamýri, 640 Húsavík 

Tel: 570 9208 

Auto repair shops/ garages (verkstæði)  

In Húsavík there are two auto repair shops/ garages (verkstæði 

Bílalega Húsavíkur 

Garðarsbraut 66 – 640 Húsavík 

Tel: 4641888 and 4642500 

E-mail: husavikcarrental@husavikcarrental.is 

Bílaþjónustan ehf 

Garðarsbraut 52, 640 Húsavík 

Tel: 464 1122 and 894 0872 

In Kópasker: 

Röndin ehf verkstæði 

Röndinni 5, 670 Kópaskeri 

Tel: 465 2124 and 867 0718 

Car insurance – Bílatryggingar 

It is compulsory to purchase liability and accident insurance for all vehicles from an insurance company. 

Liability insurance covers damage suffered by others as a result of a collision for which you are at fault.  Accident insurance pays compensation to the driver of a vehicle if they are injured and to the owner of the vehicle if they are a passenger in their own vehicle. 

You are free to purchase other types of insurance, such as windscreen insurance and collision damage waiver insurance. Collision damage waiver insurance covers damage to your own vehicle even if you are at fault. 

Road toll

On the road to Akureyri ther is a road toll at the Vaðlaheiða tunnel.  Please note fees must be paid online within 3 hours of using the tunnel or fines will be imposedIt is possible to drive another longer way to Akureyri but in the winter time it is wise to check the road conditions firstResidents can bulk buy tickets  for the tunnelmaking each journey significantly cheaper and avoiding the need for  rapid payment on use

All information about the road toll

Driving schools 

Driving lessons for normal passenger vehicles may begin at the age of sixteen, but a driving licence may only be awarded at the age of seventeen. The legal age for light mopeds (scooters) is fifteen and for tractors, sixteen. 

To commence driving lessons, you must contact a certified driving instructor. You’re driving instructor guides you through both the theoretical and practical parts of your study and refers you to a driving school where theoretical study takes place.  

In Norðurþing there are a few certified driving instructors:  

Brynjúlfur Sigurðsson driving instructor 

Tel: 868-8294 

Ökuskóli Gunna  

tel: 864 2507 

Ökuskóli Húsavíkur ehf tel: 464 1586 

 894 1486 

Sigurlína Jóh Jóhannesdóttir driving instructor 

Snartarstöðum 2, 671 Kópaskeri (dreifbýli) 

Tel: 465 2169, 895 2169 

Foreigners can drive in Iceland on a European Driving Licence