How to travel safe in Iceland


When traveling in Iceland you need to check the weather and road conditions, especially in the winter. On the webpage you can find alerts and learn about good preperation for traveling in Iceland. There you can also submit your travel plan for safety.  

112 The emergency telephone number in Iceland 

You should call 112 only in the event of an emergency.  

The same number contacts the police, ambulance, fire and search and rescue teams 

Also if you are in need to contact child protective services don´t hesitate to call. 

If you are not sure whether the situation at hand is an emergency, it is better to call than not to. 


Police - Lögreglan

In a small community the police service the community in many ways. The police enjoy a high level of trust in Icelandic society, and everybody may safely approach the police if they believe that they have been the victim of an offence or violence or need assistance 

Police station in Húsavík 

Tel: 444 2850 


Police station Þórshöfn 

Tel: 444 2855 


If the matter is not urgent, send us a message through the website or call the narcotics hotline, at 800-5005 for anonymous tips. 

Search and rescue - Björgunarsveit

In Iceland people live with the nature and sometimes it can be a challenge, heavy storms, avalanges, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and more. The ICE-SAR rescue teams in Iceland are about 100, there are thousands of people who are always available when needed. In Norðurþing we have three search and rescue teams, Björgunarsveitin Garðar in Húsavík, Pólstjarnan in Raufarhöfn and Núpar in Kópasker. All teams work together to help people in need both on land and sea. 

The ICE-SAR teams have built up knowledge and experience over the years to be quick and safe in every situation. Every volunteer goes through training before they go into the field.    

You can find all the teams on Facebook. If you are interested in joining the search and rescue teams you  

In need of help you always contact 112 

Violence - Where to get help

If you are, or have been, a victim of violence or of domestic abuse you can get support. 

Everyone has the right to receive assistance, and violence is never the victim´s fault! If you are living with domestic violence or know somebody who is there is help available. You can always phone 112. You can also contact various grassroot associations and social services.  

Social Services 

Norðurþing offers welfare service for residents. If you need the support of a social counselor or a psychologist or need the help of the child protection staff please contact the office of the Municipality: or call +354 464 6100 

Multicultural and information Centre 

Tel: 450-3090 (Icelandic/English), 470-4702 (Thai), 470-4705 (Spanish), 470-4706 (Lithuanian), 470-4707 (Russian), 470-4708 (Polish), 470-4709 (Serbian/Croatian). 

At the Multicultural and information Centre information is available on most issues regarding immigration, Icelandic society, Icelandic lessons, rights and obligations, interpretation and translation services and more.  

Aflið  Stígamót‘s sister association in Akureyri.

Address: Brekkugata 34, 600 Akureyri 

Tele: 461 5959 / 857 5959 


Aflið is for all those who have suffered sexual and/or domestic abuse as well as their friends and families. Complete confidentiality and discretion is ensured. 


Bjarmahlíð is a centre for victims of violence and offers counselling and information for people who have been abused. At Bjarmahlíð victims themselves make decisions regarding their own treatment. All services and counselling are conducted in the same place with the goal of making it easier for victims to seek assistance. 


Aðalstræti 14, 600 Akureyri 

Phone: 551 2520 



Rape Emergency Ward  

Telephone of the Rape Emergency Ward in Akureyri: 463-0800 


The Women‘s Shelter/Kvennaathvarfið 

Tele: Office: 561-3720 

24 hour emergency number: 561-1205 


The Women‘s Shelter provides temporary housing and counselling to abused women and their children. The services are for those who have been physically and/or psychologically abused in their own home by a family member. The shelter also offers support and counselling for victims of rape. 

The Telephone Helpline is open 24 hours a day, every day.  Phone 561 1205. Women may call and receive information and support. 

Free Counselling, support and information is also available for women who are not staying at the shelter. It is necessary to phone 561 1205 first to make an appointment. 

The Women‘s Shelter also has support groups. The support groups have regular meetings where a few women and a professional facilitator meet together for discussion and support. It is necessary to attend a counselling session first. 

Stígamót – Education and Counselling Centre for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence  

Address: Laugavegur 170, 105 Reykjavík 

Telephone: 562 6868 / 800 6868 


Stígamót offers free individual counselling for survivors of rape, sexual molestation, sexual harassment, pornographic exploitation and prostitution. The service is for women and men. 

Services are also extended to family members and loved ones of survivors. 

People 18 years of age and older go to Stígamót because of violence they have suffered, both in childhood and in adulthood. Many come because of violence that occurred many years and even decades ago. It should be noted that men are equally welcome at Stígamót. Approximately 10-15% of those who seek assistance there are men. 


Stígamót also offers services in Egilsstaðir 



Women‘s Counselling/Kvennaráðgjöfin  

Tele: 552-1500 

Address: Túngata 14,101 Reykjavík 

The women’s counselling centre is a free legal advice and social work centre. Opening hours are on Tuesdays from 20-22 and on Thursdays from 14-16. The main purpose is to provide counselling and support and it is open to all, both men and women and you can both call or just show up. The service is completely free and anonymous if requested. Lawyers, social workers and legal students volunteer at the counselling centre. 


The Icelandic Human Rights Centre 

Tel: 552-2720 

Address: Túngata 14, 101 Reykjavík 

Free legal counselling for immigrants. If an interpreter is needed the Centre provides one free of charge, a request for interpretation must be made upon booking an appointment.