Sports - Íþróttir

In Norðurþing you can find diverse sport activities and there are many sports clubs and youth associations. 

Finacial support for childrens sport activity– Frístundastyrkur and Frístundakort 

When you sign your child up for sport training you will do so through Nora, the official webpage for registration in sport. In Norðurþing every child up to 18 years old can receive support to the value of 12.000kr each year 

Frístundakort is a yearly pass for children´s in the swimming pool. More information about this can be found in the office of Norðurþingtel: 464 6100 and

Sports clubs and Youth associations 

There is a total of 30 athlete clubs in the union of HSÞ, but the area of the clubs is big and includes seven municipalities from the Langanes in the east to Grýtubakkahreppur in the west.   About 20 different sports are practiced within the Union: Soccer, Horse Sports, Chess, Golf, Volleyball, Athletics, Shooting, Gymnastics, Handball, Sports for people with disability, Icelandic Glíma, Motorcycles, Swimming, Taekwondo, Skiing, bridge and more.  Héraðssamband Þingeyinga  Litlulaugaskóla  650 Laugar  Gunnhildur Hinriksdóttir | s. 896-3107 

Sport Clubs: Íþróttafélög

Völsungur is the biggest sports association in Norðurþing. It offers different sports activities for both children and adults such as soccervolleyballgymnastics, handball,  swimming and TaekwondoThere are also sport classes – íþróttaskóli for preschool children. 

To sign up


Swimming - sund 

Almost all villages in Iceland have a public  swimming pool and in elementary school it is mandatory to learn to swim. People gather to swim and relax in the hot tubs, during winter as well as summer. There are 4 swimming pools owned by the municipality Norðurþing:

Geosea baths

In Húsavink there is the GeoSea baths.  Residents can purchase annual passes at Geosea or Cards at the swimming pools which offer great reductions on entry prices – ask at each location for information.   

Sport centre - Íþróttahús

There are four sports centres run by the municipality. For information about opening hours and service:  

Húsavík sport centre

Kópasker sport centre  

Lundur sport centre 

Raufarhöfn sport centre 

Skiing - Skíði

In Húsavík there is a ski lift about 10 minutes’ drive, about 7 km. in the direction of Þeistareykir. There is also an area for cross country skiing.  

Usually there is a cross country ski track from  December until April. It always depends on the snow and weather. The same applies for the ski lift, it depends on how much snow we get.  

It is best to check their Facebook page for opening hours and news of tracks and the ski slopes. 


There are two golf courses in NorðurþingHúsavík and in Öxarfjörður 

Húsavík Golf Club has about 150 members, of which about 40 are kids. In recent years a lot of work has been done at the club to do even better in children and youth work. The golf course is called Katlavöllur, which is a nine-hole golf course, and in recent years there have been just over 20 tournaments and several of them are open. 

This is their facebook page. The photo is from Katlavöllur taken by Unnsteinn Ingi Júlíusson

Golfklúbburinn Gljúfri has a golf course  at Ásbyrgi in Öxarfjörður 

Horsemanship - Hestamennska

In the area many people own horses and stables. There are two horse riding clubs. Sometimes they offer riding classes for children. 

Hestamannafélagið Feykir in Öxarfjörður

Hestamannafélagið Grani Húsavík 

Gun club

Skotfélag Húsavíkur, Husavík Shooting Club is a member of the district association of  Héraðssamband  Þingeyinga.  Members gain competition rights at tournaments organized by members of the Sports Federation of Iceland.  The shooting and training facility of the shooting club is north of the town of Húsavík at the roots of Húsavík Mountain.  You can practice with shotgun and rifle.  

The shooting club maintains a Facebook page. For any information contact 

Chess club


Skákféalgið Huginn is a chess club in Norðurþing and has members all over Iceland. Their website has information about events

Gym and other sports

There is a private (paid) gym in Húsavík, called Töff heilsurækt above Húsasmiðjan 

There is a yoga centre in Húsavík, with paid classes organised from time to time Spirit North

There are offered Zumba classes and Metabolic classes in Húsavík Sport centre.  You can find almost any sport you like in HúsavíkCrossfit and running groups, this list could be endless.