Quality certification


Húsavík Academic Center has implemented a quality certification system in the lifelong learning work called EQM. EQM stands for European Quality Mark or Evrópska gæðamerkið and is a transparent evaluation process for educators to evaluate their practices based on recognized quality standards. EQM is based on a self-assessment reviewed by an EQM Authorized Auditor who also provides quality and improvement suggestions during the audit process. The Business Education Center oversees the EQM quality system. 
HAC received formal recognition from the Minister of Culture as the first educator of institutions in Iceland on 19 September 2012. The institute had previously formally implemented the EQM quality system and received quality certification on the basis of an audit.  See the news from the Ministry of Education and Culture here
Þekkingarnetið hlaut endurnýjaða gæðavottun á grunni uppfærðs gæðakerfis, þ.e. EQM+, árið 2023. Sjá viðurkenningu HÉR.