Þingeyingar smart chest

Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) and Atvinnuþróunarfélag Þingeyinga (AÞ) are now working together on a project called Technicians as a local action, which was funded by the Development fund of North Iceland. The project aims to promote technical education and digital skills in primary schools in the area, as it is safe to say that increased skills for the future is an important regional issue.
An exciting toy box has now been put together, called the Þingeyingar smart chest. There it has various tools from teaching materials that are intended to teach and increase students' skills in programming, coding, electrical engineering, spatial intelligence, reasoning, etc. which is all based on children's technical knowledge and skills, maintains their innate curiosity and entrepreneurial skills.
The box also contains a vinyl cutter and a heat press, where you can make wall stickers, stencils, clothing labels, etc. as the imagination allows. The technology behind the use of the vinyl cutter is, for example, the same as that used by carpentry companies for milling machines.
The smart box is available to all primary schools in the HAC and AÞ area and has been introduced to the schools, but it will run between the schools according to an agreement. The project is intended for 2 years and aims for the schools to get acquainted with these teaching materials, with the hope that it stimulates the interest of students and teachers there and that they will in the future find it easier to choose good teaching equipment when it comes to technical education.
As previously stated, the Development Fund of North Iceland supported the project, but the condition for the grant is that funds be raised in return, for example from companies in the area, to pay for the purchase of equipment for the box. At present, the employees of HAC and AÞ are working to obtain grants to fulfill this condition.
Here you can see what the smart chest contains and here school contacts in the area of operation of the Academic Center and the Business Development Association can order the box.