Students' right

In the activities of the Academic Center, it is important that the rights of students and other service users of the institution are safeguarded. During the preparation and implementation of the institution's quality system and also the recognition of educators, certain processes were formally defined, which are analyzed below. In all cases, this is a policy that has been approved by management and implemented in the agency's operations:

  • Húsavík Academic Center is committed to ensuring that students can complete the courses and / or study programs that the institution starts with. This ensures that the board is always possible to ensure in spite of any changes that may occur in the agency's operating environment.
  • HAC commits to provide all information about its activities to the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture upon request. Reference is made to Article 5. a co-operation agreement between the Knowledge Network and the Ministry of Education and Culture. June 22, 2011, which deals with e.g. on the provision of information.
  • HAC hereby confirms the following procedures for the treatment of disputes for students and other agency service users:
      1. If there is a disagreement about the decisions and/or working methods of the employees of HAC, the student should first seek the manager with his/her case.
      2. If a dispute is not resolved with the involvement of the manager, the student/service user can present his/her complaint to the board of the institution for processing. The director introduces this option and gives the student an option to contact the chairman of the board at any given time.
      3. Disputes shall be reported in a written, traceable manner.