Real skills assessment

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What is a real skills assessment?

  • Real skills assessment is a confirmation and an assessment of an individual's skills, regardless of how or where they have been acquired. The aim of real skills assessment is to recognize the individual's skills he possesses at a given time, so that he does not have to study what he knows or gain progress in his work. Real skills assessment is based on the fact that it is possible to draw out and describe existing skills and define, evaluate and recognize them.
  • Assessment of real skills is a great incentive to study for individuals in the labor market and gives them the opportunity to complete their studies on their own terms.
  • Assessment of real skills can be an incentive for adults in the labor market, in various professions, to complete formal education. This strengthens their position, the professions, the companies and the nation in general in terms of level of knowledge and development.

The real skills assessment process

  •     Introduction to the process
  •     Interview with a study and career counselor
  •     The process begins when a group of individuals meets the eligibility criteria
  •     Skills registration (skills portfolio type and self-assessment)
  •     Assessment interview (professional assesses the skill using a variety of methods)
  •     Further confirmation if required
  •     Recognition (certificate or registration of valued units in Inna)

Here you can see a booklet on real skills assessment in Icelandic and English.

A list of occupations where real skills assessment has been carried out or criteria are being developed can be found here