Business consulting

HAC offers companies and institutions a wide range of services. Consultants in the corporate division are Ingibjörg Benediktsdóttir and Hilmar Valur Gunnarsson. The Corporate Division offers courses and consultancy for companies and institutions where the needs of each individual are taken into account.

Among the things we can offer are:

  • Needs analysis of education and re-education
  • Preparation of educational plans
  • Short, concise lectures
  • The planning of shorter or longer courses
  • Organization of working days
  • Team building among staff
  • Assistance with grant applications

It is important to look at the skills that meet the needs and goals of the company and the employees transfer their skills to their jobs. We can help you with training in your company, whether it is for the long or short term. We assist companies with individual courses and also in implementing the training plan that has been made. The courses are held in our premises or at the workplace.

Húsavík Academic Center in collaboration with the trade unions' education fund can offer "Education director on loan". The project is based on lending consultants to companies for a certain period of time. The consultant reviews the company's education and training issues in collaboration with management and staff. Based on the analysis, an education and lifelong learning plan is prepared, which lays the foundation for targeted education of employees. It is possible to apply for a full grant for the project to the training funds. Targeted staff development is a method in which systematic development of employees in companies and institutions is carried out. Markviss evaluates and organizes education, training and other things related to employee development.
Markviss' methods give managers and employees the opportunity to assess the skills and knowledge needs within a company or institution and plan the structure of each employee in accordance with the results of the assessment.
Markviss is suitable for large and small companies and institutions, both public and private.

  • More powerful employees
  • An overview of employees' skills
  • Lifelong learning plans for each employee or group of employees
  • More open communication between and subordinates
  • Facilitates problem solving within companies and institutions
  • Companies and institutions receive a system to continue working on lifelong learning for employees

The Academic Center‘s consultant assists with applications to the education fund and guides companies where to apply for grants for education.

Further information about the Knowledge Network's company services is provided by project managers

Ingibjörg with the e-mail address:

Hilmar Valur with the e-mail address:

You can also call 464-5100