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Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga or Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) is dedicated to promoting and facilitating lifelong learning, university studies and interdisciplinary research.  The center is located in the town of Húsavík, Iceland, but serves all of Þingeyjarsýslur, a region in the northeastern part of Iceland (see the shaded area on the map on right).
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What we do

HAC offers academic, vocational and recreational courses and study programmes to people in the community in collaboration with universities and regional parties of interest, such as municipalities, labor organizations and the business community.
HAC also provides study facilities for students who live in the region and attend university or other schools at upper educational levels.
HAC serves as a center for interdisciplinary research in Þingeyjarsýslur and offers its services and facilities to researchers working in the region, whether they are independent or affiliated with institutions or universities.  View our mission statement.

The facilities of HAC in Húsavík, Þórshöfn and Mývatnssveit include a study room, full internet access, printing, faxing, copying and wire binding as well as a class/conference room equipped with video conferencing, a projector and other class room equipment.  The facilities also include access to a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

Where we are – Húsavík and Þingeyjarsýslur

Húsavík, with a population of about 2500, is the largest town in Þingeyjarsýslur county which has a total population of about 5200.  The perimeter of Þingeyjarsýslur is defined by the fjord of  Eyjafjörður in the west and Langanes peninsula in the east, spanning the entire area from Vatnajökull glacier in the south down to the coast in the north.
The region is rich with unique and interesting places to visit and to study.  Of particular interest for scientists are its unique geological features and rich birdlife.  Húsavík has also become the most popular whalewhatching port in Europe.
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Our History

Þekkingarsetur Þingeyinga or Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) in its present form is a merger of two institutions, FræÞing and Húsavík Academic Center.
FræÞing, or Fræðslumiðstöð Þingeyinga, was established in 1999 as a center for adult education in the region.  FræÞing was one of eight lifelong learning centers in Iceland dedicated to making education more available to adults everywhere by offering both academic and vocational study programmes in the form of local seminars and distance learning.  These programmes are developed in co-operation with schools at the upper secondary and higher educational levels, municipalities, trade unions and employers as well as other adult organizations.
Húsavík Academic Center was established in 2003 with a trifold mission; to become a center for interdisciplinary researchers in the region, to initiate and promote research in the region and to support and facilitate university level education in co-operation with FræÞing.  Co-operation between these two institutions was evident from the beginning and in 2004 an agreement was signed whereby HAC would operate FræÞing within its newly acquired facilities.  A full merger then took place in June of 2006, when the two legally merged in into one institution.

Our Mission

The mission of HAC, as described in its organizational charter, is fourfold;

Lifelong learning

  • being a center for lifelong learning and adult education in the region.
  • expanding educational offerings in the region.
  • offering vocational and recreational courses and study programmes
  • being a center for distance learning in co-operation with schools offering such programmes.
  • providing guidance and counceling to students and prospective students
  • working with businesses, municipalities and institutions in shaping their educational policy and providing customized study programmes.

Research and development

  • being a hub for research and researchers in Þingeyjarsýslur county.
  • initiating research in the region.
  • providing service to the scientific community; independent researchers, postgraduate students, institutions and organizations.
  • being instrumental in facilitating co-operation and increased activity among those who do research in the region.
  • taking active part in shaping a dynamic environment of innovation among parties of interest in the region.
  • facilitating collaboration in research and innovation among parties of interest.

Univestity study

  • operating a well equipped study facility in Húsavík and, as needed, elsewhere in the region.
  • working with universities to increase the offering in distance learning and local study opportunities in þingeyjarsýslur.
  • working with universities to develope study programmes and courses based on natural and cultural traits unique to the region.

Coordination of academic studies and research

  • strengthening the community in Þingeyjarsýslur by offering dynamic lifelong learning programmes, distance learning programmes and active research.
  • coordinating research, academic work, education and development amont the parties of interest in this field.

Contact Us

Husavik Academic Center (Icelandic: Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga)

Hafnarstétt 3
640 Húsavík
Tel: +354 4645100
email: hac@hac.is

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