Health care - Heilbrigðisþjónusta

   On call doctor/nurse service 1700

112 is the emergency number in Iceland

You should call 112 only in the event of an emergency. 

The same number contacts the police, ambulance, fire and search and rescue teams 

Also if you are in need to contact child protective services don´t hesitate to call. 

If you are not sure whether the situation at hand is an emergency, it is better to call than not to. 

Heilbrigðisstofnun Norðurlands – The Health Care Institution of North Iceland operate health clinics in Húsavík, Kópasker and Raufarhöfn and hospitals in Húsavík and Akureyri.  

The health care clinics offer various medical and nursing services, general medical service, general nursing care, infant and maternity service, school nursing, vaccinations for adults, home care service etc.  The health clinics’ activities are directed towards neighborhood services and are expected to serve inhabitants of particular parts of the area.   

Húsavík Health Clinic Auðbrekka 4 tel. 464 0500 

Kópasker Health Clinic Akurgerði 13 tel. 464 0640 

Raufarhöfn Health CliniAðalbraut 33tel. 464 0620

If you need medical services when healthcare centers have closed e.g. in the evening and on weekends, please call 1770 

For emergencies call 112 

Health insurance

For more information about health care in Iceland. 

Heilsuvera is for your personal information. 

Health Insurance in Iceland (sjúkratryggingar) 

It is important to check what is needed to do for your health insurance when you move to Iceland. Here you can find some information: 

EEA And EFTA citizens 

Social insurance

Information about childhood vaccination programe in Iceland

The webpage offers online chat to a nurse about all kinds of health related matters free of charge.  

Social Service- Félagsþjónusta

Norðurþing offers welfare services for residents. This includes: Child Protection, services for the mentally disabled, financial assistance for those in need, services for the elderly, social housing, immigration issues, substance abuse, family problems, etc.  

For more information contact: or call +354 464 6100 

If you need the service of a social counselor or a psychologist or need the help of child protection staff please contact the office of the Municipality: or call +354 464 6100 


Keldan is a team that works for children that have problems in their daily lives. It is an early intervention for families and schools. In the team there are different especialists that get together to help the child. For information about this possiblilty please contact:  


Tel: 464 6100 

Dental care - Tannlæknir

It is best to register with a dentist. 

There are 2 dentists currently working in Húsavík  

Tannlæknastofan Húsavík 

Tel: 464 0990 

IAkureyri there are many dentists to choose from. 

The state covers the cost of children visits to the dentist, please ask when you make the appointment about this. 

Pharmacy - Apótek

Pharmacy (apótek) 

For information about opening hours

Húsavík LYFJA:    

Tel: 464 1212 

Kópasker LYFJA  

Tel: 464 0646 

Raufarhöfn  Lyfja 

Tel: 464 0621 

Red Cross Helpline - Hjálparsími Rauða krossins 1717

It is always open, 24/7 and is toll-free from any number. The helpline is also available via online chat. 

It offers confidentialityanonymity and neutrality and is available for those in need of assistance 

No issue is too big or small for the helpline


AA meetings - AA fundir

AA samtökin 

If you have an alcohol- or drug related problem, you can get help with the AA organisationOn the homepage of AA you can find information about meeting places and schedule.  

Tel: 849-4012