Examination rules

Rules and working methodsabout distance testing at Húsavík Academic Center.*

The rules apply to distance exams supervised by HAC. The rules are presented to the partner schools of the Academic Center and published on the institute's website. If the school requests a different arrangement than described in these rules, it should contact the Academic Center.

Exam locations of the Húsavík Academic Center:

  • • Examination points in the area of operation of the Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) are as follows:
    • Húsavík:                 The Academic Center at Hafnarstétt 3
    • Laugar:                   HAC study center in the academic center Urðarbrunnur
    • Mývatnssveit:        Mikley
    • Bárðardalur:         Kiðagil
    • Kópasker:                HAC study center, the Kópasker school building
    • Raufarhöfn:            HAC study center, the "town hall" Raufarhöfn
    • Þórshöfn:                 Education center in Þórshöfn
    • Other places in Þingeyjarsýsla according to the wishes of students/schools at any given time and then fulfilling all the requirements described here (examples: Lundur, Bakkafjörður, Stórutjarnir).
    • All schools have the above-mentioned examination places available for distance examination and the rules and working methods for distance examinations described here apply to all places.

Roles and obligations of parties:

Húsavík Academic Center

  • Housing for distance testing must meet the following conditions:
    • Furniture is comparable to furniture in universities.
    • Air quality and temperature meet the requirements of public bodies.
    • There is a telephone on site that an employee in the examination room has access to.
    • Toilet facilities are at the examination site.
  • Electronic examinations to be supervised
    • Húsavík Academic Center provides computers for students who need to take electronic exams under the supervision of examiners, unless the school allows students to use their own computers.
    • It must be ensured that an internet connection is present or switched off depending on the nature of the test.
    • A student who uses a computer in an exam, whether in an electronic exam or due to exemptions, may never be left unattended in the exam room.
  • Distance exams are conducted as follows:
    • Húsavík Academic Center provides people to sit for exams and is responsible for following these rules.
    • It is permitted to sit for more than one examination at the same time in the same hall.
    • In general, people in office may never leave the hall during an examination. The exception is, however, that if there is only one student in the examination room, the supervisor may temporarily leave the examination room, provided that no data, equipment, coats or other items are in the examination room (cf. examination rules below).
  • The treatment of examination data and examination solutions is as follows:
    • The examination supervisor receives examination solutions and then sends the original solution of the solution by post. If it is requested that the exam be sent responsibly or in another way, it is at the request of the school in question and at its expense. Universities can request a backup copy of a test solution, by scanning or photocopying, and they will cover the costs themselves.
  • Exam supervisor
    • Húsavík Academic Center shall nominate an examiner from among the employees. This exam supervisor is responsible for communication with the school, receipt of exams and submission of solutions.
  • Announcements
    • In the event of unexpected situations during remote testing, e.g. lack of electricity, mistakes in the submission of exams or suspicion that something has gone wrong, Þingeyingarnet shall inform the school in question and make a decision on the continuation in consultation with the school.


  • Schools must have exams ready on the website, sent by e-mail or by post no later than 24 hours before the exam.
  • Schools are responsible for notifying the Húsavík Academic Center of distance testing in their area and requesting services.
  • If electronic data is submitted as part of an examination (e.g. audio recordings), it is the school's responsibility to ensure that Húsavík Academic Center can submit the data. Lifelong learning centers / university centers are not responsible for electronic school data.
  • Schools ensure, in consultation with the Húsavík Academic Center, that the examination books of the school in question are available at each examination location.
  • Announcements
    • In the event of unexpected situations during remote testing, e.g. lack of electricity, suspicion that something has gone wrong or mistakes in the submission of exams, the university shall notify the relevant lifelong learning center / university center and make a decision on the continuation in consultation with the university.

Examination rules

  1. Students must turn off their mobile phones and hand them over to examiners for storage during the examination.
  2. It is not permitted to contact other students during the examination. Also, all electronic communications such as mail, texts and msn are prohibited. These communication devices must be turned off during exams.
  3. Coats, bags and sacks shall be stored outside the examination room or at the front of the examination room, as the case may be.
  4. Students usually have a valid ID with a photo available for examiners. (We will walk around and take a list of attendees.)
  5. The examination table shall not contain any documents other than examination documents, stationery, certificates and permitted aids according to the instructions at any given time.
  6. If a student has inadvertently taken unauthorized documents with him, he must immediately hand them over to the examiner.
  7. No part of exam data may be removed. This applies to all data, incl. sketch sheets.
  8. Students are only allowed to leave the examination table before they have completed the examination, in order to go to the toilet and only under the supervision of an escort.
  9. The examiner shall, before the examination, inspect the examination room and toilet to which the students have access and ensure that there is no data, computers or electronic equipment there.
  10. Students are not allowed to leave the examination room during the first hour of the examination.
  11. If a student completes an examination before the end of the examination period, he/she shall notify the supervisor, submit a solution and leave quietly. The student shall go on quietly in the corridors or leave the house.
  12. Communication with other examiners or parties outside the examination venue is not permitted during the examination period.
  13. Smoking is not allowed during exam time.
  14. Violations of these rules are subject to expulsion from an examination or from a course, as the case may be.


*Confirmed at a meeting of the board of Þingeyingarnet on 25 April 2012