Practical information

Course registration

Registration for all courses takes place here on the website (at the top of the page or under the "lifelong learning" selection window where the course offer is presented). You can also register by calling 464-5100 every working day from 8:00 to 16:00. You can also request information and register by sending an e-mail to which must include your name, ID number, address, telephone number, e-mail address and union membership. Registration for a course must normally be completed three working days before the course starts.

Course location

Individual courses are unplaced and those courses will be held where participation is obtained with the aim of increasing flexibility in the course and giving more people opportunities in almost any course. Efforts will also be made to solve the problems of small areas if there are too few participants to complete courses. It is therefore very important that those interested in advertised courses contact us and register, so that it will be possible to find ways for as many people as possible to pursue the course they want.

Scholarships for study

In many cases, individuals who attend courses at the Academic Center are entitled to a course grant from their union. The participant usually pays the course fee at the beginning but then presents the union's invoice. Examine your scholarship options if you are planning to attend a course or go on to further studies.

The Academic Center has entered into a co-operation agreement with the vocational training fund Sveitamennt og Ríkismennt. This means that all job-related courses are paid in full for the general employees who work for the state or municipalities. What is considered a work-related course is a joint assessment of the employee and the supervisor and is evaluated each time. This only applies to those who pay into Framsýn or Verkalýðsfélag Þórshafnar.

HAC has also entered into an agreement with the education center Starfsmennt, and this applies to members of the Húsavík Employees' Association. Employees pay for individual courses and they are advertised each time and registration takes place on the Employees' website at

Disputes – students' rights

HAC hereby confirms the following procedures for the treatment of disputes for students and other agency service users:

  • If there is a disagreement about the decisions and/or working methods of the employees of HAC, the student should first seek the manager with his/her case.
  • If a dispute is not resolved with the involvement of the manager, the student/service user can present his/her complaint to the board of the institution for processing. The director introduces this option and gives the student an option to contact the chairman of the board at any given time.
  • Disputes shall be reported in a written, traceable manner.