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Húsavík Academic Center has defined a role in services for adults who live in their area of work and are pursuing or planning to study, wherever it takes place and whatever studies they pursue. Thus, the Academic Center serves students at all levels of education, whether they are building on a general basis, studying at an upper secondary schools or at a university level. The service to adult university students and high school students is first and foremost in the form of creating facilities, support and providing advice. In this way, students can take their exams and sit in teleconferences and work in study rooms around the work area, in addition to sitting down from time to time with study and career counselors. Last but not least, drink coffee with the staff of the Academic Center and enjoy closeness with other students.

In addition to these basic services for the students, the Academic Center also maintains a study offer for adults where an attempt is made to meet the needs and wishes of the communities and residents. Most of this study is based on the law on further education and is in line with the goals of practical study for the business community. In this work of the Academic Center, special emphasis is placed on providing individuals in the labor market with a short formal schooling background or with reduced opportunities for study or employment-appropriate learning opportunities.However, it is also planned to hold short courses for motivation and recreation. HAC is one of 11 recognized lifelong learning centers in the country that operate in further education on the basis of Act no. 27/2010 according to an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Culture.